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EECE 490Z (1-0-1) Technical Writing and Presentation for Juniors 2 (Fall 2014)

offered by Prof. Joon Ho Cho affiliated with the Department of Electrical Engineering, Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH). Course Objectives: Meeting Schedule: Instructor: Professor Joon Ho Cho

Office) LG 419

Phone) +82-54-279-2377

E-mail) jcho (at) postech (dot) ac (dot) kr

Office Hours: immediately after every class meeting Homepage:

It is your responsibility to check every new announcement and update posted at Announcements and Schedule/Downloads. Textbook:

A. S. Sedra and K. C. Smith, Microelectronic Circuits, 6th edition. Oxford Univ. Press, 2011.

E. K. P. Chong and S. H. Zak, An Introduction to Optimization, 2nd edition. Wiley, 2001.


<<교재의 음원 및 교재 요약본 다운로드 방법 >>

1.  접속하여 회원가입한다.

2. 자료실 클릭

3. "나는 50 문장으로 영어프레젠테이션 한다" 검색

4. 다운로드한다.


프리젠테이션 팁참고자료/ 50문장 메모리카드 References: All reserved in the POSTECH library.

수학 핵심 용어 사전 = English-Korean dictionary of mathematics for studying abroad : 해외유학생용 / Hakuya Takahashi 지음 ; [시공아카데미 편집부 옮김]

수학 용어 숙어 영한사전 = Mathematics English-Korean Dictionary / 김 용운 편.

수학 용어 숙어 영한 한영사전 = Mathematics English-Korean and Korean-English Dictionary / 김용운 편.

수학용어사전 = Mathpedia / 이은승 지음.


Harold Levine, Vocabulary 22000. Published originally by 고려원,  and later by 시사영어사. Course Outline: Course Requirements:

    1. Daily handwriting homework: pass/fail

    2. Presentations: pass/fail

    3. Quiz: pass/fail

    4. Final Exam: A+, A0, A-