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EECE 490L Engineering Mathematics for Communications and Machine Learning (Fall 2020) offered by Dept. of Electrical Eng, Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH).

본 강의는 한국어로 진행합니다.

In-class meetings on every TTh 11:00-12:15 at LG 10?. For exceptions, see Schedule/Downloads.

Office) LG 409

Phone) +82-54-279-2377

E-mail) jcho (at) postech (dot) ac (dot) kr

Office Hours: by appointments

Office) LG 418


E-mail) yckim321 (at) postech (dot) ac (dot) kr

Office Hours: by appointments

It is your responsibility to check every new announcement posted in the homepage. Class notes will be available at Schedule/Downloads.

This course provides mathematical foundations for the study in Communications and Machine Learning.

Through this course, students will review and preview the following subjects:

1. Linear Algebra
2. Analytic Geometry
3. Matrix Decomposition
4. Vector Calculus

5. Probability and Distributions

6. Continuous Optimization

7. Information Theory

8. Decision Theory

1-5는 학부과목을 수강한 것으로 가정하고 중간고사전에 1-5까지 빠르게 진도가 나갈 계획입니다. 
6-8은 각각 대학원에서 한 과목씩 차지하는 과목이라 핵심적인 개념을 배우는 시간이 될 겁니다.

6. Continuous Optimization =
EECE 695H Introduction to Optimization
7. Information Theory =
EECE 577 Information and Coding Theory (정보 및 코딩 이론)  
8. Decision Theory =
EECE645 Statistical Signal Processing (통계적 신호 처리)

A two-page crib sheet of A4 size is allowed in each exam.
Only one or two problems of each homework will be randomly selected and graded.

Re-grade requests must be filed in writing within one week after graded quizzes have been returned to students.

1. In special cases, students may take exams earlier than the original schedule if he/she requests at least one week earlier. 
2. Excused class absence on an exam day may lead to a make-up exam for the absentee.
3. Re-grade requests must be filed in writing within one week after the graded exam has been returned to students.

Final grade will be given based on multi-facet assessment of the course requirements.

If the instructor suspects academic dishonesty, the instructor will notify the student(s) and follow the procedure to report to the school without any exception. Students have the responsibility to be knowledgeable about the consequences of dishonesty. 

See, recently published report cover page and academic honesty guide.