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Syllabus Course Title:

EECE578 Digital Communications (Fall 2018) Class Meetings:

For details meeting schedule, see Schedule/Downloads. Instructor: Professor Joon Ho Cho

Office) LG 409

Phone) +82-54-279-2377

E-mail) jcho (at) postech dot ac dot kr

Office Hours: by appointment TA:


Office) LG 418

Phone) +82-54-279-8017

E-mail)  taejun8 (at) Homepage:

It is your responsibility to check every new announcement posted in the homepage. Class notes will be available at Schedule/Downloads. Text: No textbook References: Course Objectives:  To build a graduate-level foundations on digital communications Course Outline: See Schedule/Downloads. Prerequisites: Course Requirements: (Tentative) Grading Policies for Exam 

1.      Students may take exams earlier than the original schedule if he/she requests at least one week earlier. 

2.      Excused class absence on an exam day may lead to a make-up exam for the absentee.

3.      Re-grade requests must be filed in writing within one week after the graded exam has been returned to students.

4.      Each sub-problem will be graded according to the following scale: 100%, 60%, 20%, and 0%. Policy on Academic Dishonesty

If the instructor suspects academic dishonesty, the instructor will notify the student(s) and follow the procedure to report to the Graduate School without any exception. Students have the responsibility to be knowledgeable about the consequences of dishonesty.