Ph.D. Students

 Jeong Hoon CHOI (최정훈)
M.S. — Ph.D. Student, POSTECH, 2014 - Present.

B.S. POSTECH, Feb. 2014.

cjh0110 at postech dot ac dot kr

Taejun JANG (장태준)
Ph.D. Student, POSTECH, 2017 - Present.

M.S. POSTECH, Feb. 2017.

B.S. POSTECH, Feb. 2015.

taejun8 at postech dot ac dot kr
Joohee CHAE (채주희)
Ph.D. Student, POSTECH, 2019 - Present.

M.S. POSTECH, Feb. 2019.

B.S. Sogang University, Feb. 2017.

wngml1308 at postech dot ac dot kr

M.S. Students

Young Chan KIM (김영찬)
M.S. Student, POSTECH, 2018 - Present.

B.S. POSTECH, Aug. 2018.

yckim321 at postech dot ac dot kr

::: Rights and Responsibilities :::

A graduate student in CISL has

- right and responsibility to perform his/her own research,
- right to be advised/guided by Advisor, and
- responsibility to assist Advisor's research.